Block Universe Festival 2017
Photos by Arron Leppard

Taking place at The Light, Friends House in London the performance is the first live creation of Software Garden at the national centre for the Quakers. Unfolding somewhere between Kabuki theatre, a pop concert and a political social space of action, this performance attempts to bring together a variety of people from different ages, backgrounds, human and robotic, to propose the creation of an embodied system of care and kindness as a software garden. Exploring connections between technology, disability and care as a way of looking at larger political framework, the performance interweaves poetry, speech, song and choreography as part of a new growing experimental music album.

With Special Thanks

Carol R. Kallend - Poetry
Casper-Malte Augusta - Choreography and Dancer
Robyn Haddon - Singer and Co-Songwriter
Dominic Ewan - 3D and Special Effects
Pepper The Robot - with companion and coordinator Michael Szollosy from Sheffield University Robotics

Software Garden:
Michal Adach
Iona Alejandro
Jemima Dempsey
Vistanny Han
Wing Kei
Matthew George Mason
Vishal Mistry
Keng-Wu Lin
Sabina Schilling
Lishuang Xu

Block Universe

Supported by CBK Rotterdam