Sacred Repository N.3:

Solo Exhibition Flat Time House, London 2016

Concluding the film trilogy Sacred Repositories, 'The Open Sky' is developed through working with 5 women 
who lived through the radical movements of the 60s and 70s. Narrated by their words and poetry, the film 
becomes intertwined with the words and songs of women from younger generations. Exploring ideas of time, 
family and solidarity 'The Open Sky' attempts to create a home for language past, present and future that 
endeavours to allow words to remain transformative tools of action.

HD Film (2016), Installation and Drawings (2016)

With Special Thanks:

Carol Robson
Carol R Kallend
Angela Robinson
Win Francis
Robyn Haddon
Mali Lines-Harvey

James Early
John Hill
Micro Rave
Peckham Liberal Club
Hanna Janeckova 
FilmDOC Amsterdam

Nicola Guy
Claire Louise Staunton
Gareth Bell Jones