Towards the end of the 20th century, leading economists voiced their concern that we must not lose sight of the original meaning of economy ‘to manage the household’. Taking place at ARCO International Art Fair in Madrid, somewhere knowledge, material and experience are exchanged, 6 individuals from across Madrid were invited to enter into a public dialogue considering ‘the economy’ through the medium of ‘Care’. All individuals had responded to a simple poster placed throughout the city.
In 2012 Spanish unemployment reached nearly a quarter of the population, with half of young people left without work, often surviving through the support of a strong tradition of family. Taking place at a time when there is much to be concerned about and care for, the dialogue provided a space for individuals to voice their concerns and feelings.

Structured as a musical lament, composed especially for the Iolanta String Quartet, the speakers gathered in a circular formation, facing out towards the audience to express their concerns. Turning to face each other, they joined with the String Quartet to voice their collective concerns in a chant beginning:

We care about our families
We care about our friends
We care about our health
But all our strength is taken from us

With the music transforming into a berceuse of healing and nurture, the speakers entered into conversation to explore how each of their concerns could be cared for.

All photos Emilio Moreno

With special thanks to:
Iolanta String Quartet
Emma Alvarez
Victor del Castillo
Maria Laura Cantallops
Monica Escobedo
Raquel Ruiz
Tarek Zari Gonzalez

Paul Andriesse
David Andrews
Xander Karskens

Commisioned by De Hallen, Haarlem for The Dutch Assembly, ARCO Madrid