With a Moroccan rag rug made from recycled fabric as a centre piece to the work, visitors are invited to sit on it and listen and watch a broadcast. Evolved from 'The Rainbow 2011', the broadcast is narrated by former drag king Daisy Rodrigues, reflecting in particular on how different bodies coming come together in a time dominated by digital technology. Introducing different people moving and interacting in different spaces worldwide filmed since 'The Rainbow 2011', the videos as a whole aim to unite those people as single community. The rainbow, an emblem of the LGBTQ+ community, is in many cultures a symbol of hope, transformation, and protection.

The Rainbow 2017 Inventory

Announcer: Daisy Rodrigues (Singer, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Biological Family:
Mark, Gabrielle, & Laetitia Pilgrim (Isle of Portland, United Kingdom, 2017)

F15 Fighter Jet
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 2013)

It’s not black and white, it’s complicated
(Chelsea Manning speaks to Juju Chan, June 2017)

Sestroretsk Rail Line
(Central Station Night Club, St Petersburg, Russia, 2015)

Government Lover
(Casper-Malte Augusta, Hotel Sara, Tokyo, Japan, 2017, sung by Robyn Haddon)

The Signal
(Activist and Care Worker, Senegal, 2014, Cello by Elizabeth Hanks)

Love in Uganda
(Jim Morgan & Ted Ehrhardt, Brooklyn Quaker Meeting House, NYC, USA, 2013 Electronic Variation)

It might not change in our lifetime, but we keep fighting!
(Students from the Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan 2017, sung by Daisy Rodrigues)

Affection Is The Best Protection
(Staten Island, NYC, USA, 2013 Jingle Variation)

With Special Thanks

Chris Shaw - Colour Mastering
Studio Rockfish (Hiddo Frericks) - Sound Recording