Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead
In collaboration with Circa Projects, World is Sudden Summer School 2017
Photos by Giles Bailey and Helen Shaddock

Working with participants from the 'World is Sudden' Summer School, the second performance as part of 'Software Garden' was devised over a day workshop. Exploring how technology is part of their lives, participants were invited to think of a software they would like to create based on a need. After imagining what this software would be, the group were invited to think about this software as a backdrop to a series of choreographic scores and exercises exploring ideas of collective systems, care, individual and co-creation. Performed to an audience in the evening, these choreographic scores were performed and interwoven to live music written for 3 saxophonists and music videos from the growing album 'Software Garden'.

With Special Thanks

CIRCA Projects - Dawn Bothwell and Adam Phillips
Participants of 'World Is Sudden' Summer School
Giles Bailey
Gary Turner - Soprano Saxophone
Amy Robson - Alto Saxophone
Faye MacCalman - Tenor Saxophone

Supported by Arts Council England and CBK Rotterdam