TENT, Rotterdam
As part of the exhibition 'Among other things I’ve taken up smoking'
Photos by Aad Hoogendoorn

In response to recent plans for a LGBTQ+ monument and meeting place in Rotterdam, the performance explores experiences of space, gender and sexuality. Working with LGBTQ+ identifying young people connected to Rotterdam over a series of workshops, the workshops explored how we create spaces where we can be ourselves, challenge and create new possibilities. In an an age when the internet has become a vital platform for LGBTQ+ people to share experiences, the final performance explored how we try and create a unified space where the digital and physical come together. The final performance showcased individual contributions including films, performative actions, speech and choreography made in response to the workshops. These contributions were interwoven with collective actions and songs that narrated the performance. These songs were written in collaboration and performed by singer Daisy Rodrigues.

With Special Thanks

Members from the Hang Out 010
Gert-Jan Verboom
Jesse van Oosten
Daisy Rodrigues

Supported by BKOR and CBK Rotterdam